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Teen Behind the Wheel(Licensing)

Behind the Wheel Instruction is conducted 7:00 am-9:00 pm 7 days a week

Teens who have filled the following requirements are candidates for the Driving License course.
  1. Student must be 15 years and 6 months with a valid learner’s permit.
  2. Student must be complete Drivers’ Education prior to commencing this course. UNLESS the student is enrolled in Drivers ED and Teen Behind the Wheel in our Academy. Only then the both course can me done simultaneously.
  3. Student must hold the learner’s permit for a period of 9 months before being eligible to drive by him/herself but can start this course as long as Student has driven atleast 30 hours with Parent and/or Guardian.
  4. Student must have driven and logged 30 hours in Day time and 15 hours in Night driving with family member 18 year of age or older and/or an adult minimum age of 21. Training should be conducted in low to moderate to high risk diving conditions. Before the Final Driving License test will be given on the 7th session day.


Course consists of minimum of 14 periods Behind-The-Wheel instructions for licensee under 18 years of age. (7 periods of observation and 7 periods of actual driving. Final driving test is Included) (each period is 50 Minutes in Duration).

Upon successful completion of in car instructions, student will be issued a six-month temporary driver’s license.
This document, accompanied by a valid learner’s permit, allows the student to operate a motor with limited restrictions.

**It should be emphasized that successful completion of a Behind the Wheel program does not and should not imply that your child is a safe, accomplished driver. During the course, student is instructed in the

basic skills necessary for the safe operation of motor vehicle. However, as with any skills, it is only with repeated practice that the skill is developed and perfected.
Your continued work with your son/daughter is essential to further development of sound driving skills.
It is recommended that you provide your child with a minimum of forty five hours of additional supervised behind-the-wheel driving
conducted before program completion. As a parent, you must make the ultimate decision to determine if your child is ready to handle the responsibility of operating a motor vehicle.

Student will need the following items on Day of First Lesson:

Payment in form of Check, Cash, Or Money Order
Photo Copy of your Learner’s Permit
45 hours Driving Log or Note from Parent/Guardian Specifying that you have Driven 30 hours in daylight and 15 hours in night time.
Teen Behind the Wheel agreement filled out and signed by student and Parent/or Guardian.
Green Card issued by your High School showing that you have completed Drivers Education or from any other DMV Approved Organization

Fee of this Course

$475.00 (Prince William County and Fairfax County)
$525.00 ( Fauquier ) (minimum 2 students register together)

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