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Teen Behind the Wheel 1 on 1

Teen Behind The Wheel (BTW) course is taught during 7 days a week, except Thanksgiving and Christmas day. We are very flexible for BTW lessons. Driving can be worked around Teen student’s schedule. BTW course consists of however many sessions the student has purchased, each session being 2 hours long. Teen students are picked up from residence and student drives for duration of 2 hours. May that be in parking lot or residential or business and or highway or interstate. Then the student is dropped off at residence.

Are you a parent that wants your child to be safe and learn from an expert. Then this is a course for your child.
We have trained students from the age 15 to 81 years of age to get their license for the first time

  • We will teachyour child defensive driving and collision prevention techniques.
  • Our instructors are highly experienced and their approach to behind the wheel instruction takes you step-by-step throughout the course.
  • Our instructors have great ability to inspire confidence in our students.
  • We provide superior and courteous service to our students.
  • Absolutely no yelling. Every student is treated respectfully.
  • We stress quality and teach driving methods that can help you stay safe on our highways.
  • Free Home Pick-Up Service 7 days a week Days Evenings Weekends.
  • Friendly, Punctual, Mature, and Responsible Instructors.
  • We are expert in overcoming nervousness.
  • DMV certified instructors.
  • School is fully insured and bonded.
  • We offer the best instruction and quality service in Northern Virginia.
  • All our cars are newer model equipped with safety devices and dual control and Inspected and approved by DMV.


Student will need the following items on Day of First Lesson:

  • Payment in form of Check, Cash, Or Money Order
  • Photo Copy of your Learner’s Permit
  • Teen 1 on 1 Behind the Wheel agreement filled out and signed by Student and a Parent/or Guardian
Teen 1-on-1 Instruction Packages for Prince William

$ 60.00 Per hour (Minimum 2 hours)
$ 240.00 4 Hours package ((2) 2 Hours driving lessons)
$ 350.00 6 Hours package ((3) 2 hours driving sessions)
$ 460.00 8 hour package ((4) 2 hours driving sessions)

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Teen 1-on-1 Instruction Packages for Fairfax, Fauquier and Loudoun

$60.00 Per hour (Minimum 2 hours)
$240.00 4 Hours package ((2) 2 hours driving sessions)
$350.00 6 Hours package ((3) 2 hours driving sessions)
$460.00 8 hour package ((4) 2 hours driving sessions)

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